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My Story: First Love For Dogs 


My name is Shanandor Stubbs a Bahamian dog trainer.  I got into dog training after my first dog rescued me at the age of  10. I remember as I was walking home one day this little puppy followed me all the way home. I had decided that I wanted to keep him, so I called him Brownie. We did everything together. We would play for hours on end. The best part of our relationship was that even when all of my friends would return home, I would always have my best friend with me. It always fascinated me that whenever I was down or upset brownie always knew. I would like to think that we rescued each other. The love and bond we had for each other was like two best friends. As Brownie grew up we became even closer. He grew to learn my daily schedule. Brownie knew when I would be home from school and even when it was feeding time. Which was brownies favorite time of the day! As I watched him grow up it showed me that with love all things are possible.

Until one morning I woke up and brownie was missing. I searched for him for 2 days. It felt like my world was coming to and end. I was sitting in the yard one day and a neighbor came to the house and said that he had found brownie. But he wasn’t in good shape. Some kids had chased him into the streets and he had gotten hit by a car. Unfortunately, my best friend did not make it. I was completely devastated. It hurt me to know that someone could do that to such an innocent dog.

I didn’t let that sad moment in time break me, but I used it to learn more about dogs and to teach others the importance of taking care of your dogs. Not just physically but their mental and emotional state. A train dog is a happy dog  because he is not left to figure out what is right and wrong from a human’s point of view. I remember all of the times I would have to teach brownie manners. I love what I do and I enjoy working with animals. I promised myself that every dog and person I came into contact with I want them to feel the same love and connection that brownie and I had.

This world sometimes can be a very scary and unpredictable place for a dog, so its on us to help them understand it and guide them in the right direction. A well-trained dog can properly navigate throughout their surroundings. That’s where teamwork comes in. You and your dog working together to achieve one common goal. I have been working with and training dogs from the age of 13 years old.

One of many mentors is my father Mr. Andy Sears from The Bahamas Correction Facilities K-9 unit. To this day you can always find us talking about training ideas for hours on end. From there I went to Lyford Cay’s K-9 unit. Where I was able to work with C. McIntosh for about 4 years where he taught me tactical training, police training and the list goes on and on. Even up to the present just like my dad and I. McIntosh and I would sit and share ideas. There are so many others that have made a serious impact in my life as a dog trainer and as a person in a positive way. This company is in remembrance of my best friend Brownie!

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